Pegasus Import & Export Co.,Ltd. was established and operating in 1994 with more than 15 years experience in manufacturing & trading of foodstuffs, especially tomato paste .
We have our  Food Safety Policy, a total commitment and dedication to provide safe and high quality food products to its growing clients. Realizing the requirements of clients, implementing their Vision, with our relevant modification into high quality and safe food products under very hygienic conditions, manufactured from fully automatic machineries imported from Italy , France and Taiwan .
The Company has implemented systems that are sustainable and auditable, both internally and by Third party auditing bodies. The Company is certified for implementing HACCP System. Our quality certification is accorded by CIQ(China Exit and Entry Inspection and Quarantine Bureau). Each shipment effected will be under strictly inspection by CIQ.
We are manufacturing Tomato Paste  in Aluminium pouches . The Company''''s tomato paste of different concentration like 18/20 Brix, 22/24 Brix and 28/30 Brix packed in 18g, 36g, 40g, 50g, 70g, 113g, 150g, 200g has very good demand from various countries like:- U.A.E., Yemen,Lebanon, Palestine, Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Sudan, Tanzania, Cameroon, Chad, Mozambique, Gambia, Ghana, Benin, Liberia, Sierre Leone,Ivory coast, Comores, Panama, etc¡­ The Company takes special care in its entire production process to 100% safe, hygienic and tasty products. It is 100% Natural Tomato Paste processed from pure bulk from China . We trust and follow the Motto: ¡°YOUR HEALTH IS OUR CONCERN¡±. For the pouches, It is easier to open, just cut the pouches by hand .
Tomatoes are an excellent source of Lycopene, an anti-oxidant which reduces the risk of heart disease and a variety of cancers. Research has also shown that Lycopene is most easily absorbed by the body when heated and processed into juice or paste. This makes all our Tomato Paste products the best way to get your daily dose of this valuable natural substance
The Company packs tomato paste in Almudhish®, La Granda® .  Other popular Private Label brands are also under our OEM..